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Boxer Level

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Wrestler Level

  • Cyberpro Computer Services

  • La Harpe Telephone

  • Central Metals Recycling 

Bright Spark Level

  • First Bankers Trust & Co N.A.

  • Countryside Vet Clinic

  • Nauvoo Pharmacy

  • Quincy Medical Group

  • Anonymous Donor

  • Carthage Veterinary Service

  • Professional Swine Management

  • Big Iron Auction Co.

  • Bank of Stronghurst

Community Drives

  • Harmony Township Drive

  • Carthage Township Drive

  • St. Albans Township Drive

  • Chili Community Township Drive


Hancock County Fights Cancer isn't just a charity; it's a beacon of hope, a testament to our collective strength, and a force for change. When you sponsor or donate to our cause, you're not just contributing to another organization; you're becoming a vital part of a movement that transforms lives and saves futures. Your support fuels groundbreaking research, provides life-changing support to cancer patients and their families, and fosters a community of resilience and optimism. Together, we're fighting a relentless battle against one of humanity's most formidable adversaries, and your contribution can make all the difference. Join us, and let's turn the tide against cancer, one generous act at a time. Together, we can ignite a brighter, cancer-free future for Hancock County and beyond. Because as we all know... NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE! 

If you'd like to become a sponsor just let us know!

217-357-3112: Kari Davis


217-847-6675: Kim Taylor

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